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The Celts were once a great and widespread people and have been known to travel as far as Galatia in Asia Minor.
They arrived in Ireland around 800BC.
The heirs to this culture survive only in Brittany, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.
It is a heritage of beauty in decorative art and poetry.

Celtic Ireland was divided into about one hundred and fifty small kingdoms contained within five provinces, each province with its own king and ruling family. The religious administration was druidic, administered by a priesthood of Druids. The laws were written and interpreted by "lawyers" known as Brehons.

Women in the Celtic System had a high standing. They fought alongside the men in battle and had the right to own and inherit property and the right to divorce!

The Celts had a great respect for learning and the poets or "file" were both admired and feared, as they could be ferocious satirists.

The Celtic heritage in language and culture belongs to Ireland in a particular way because the Irish are the only independent people to possess it.

We shall do well to cherish it!