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In Celtic society, the preservation and transmission of history were primarily entrusted to an oral tradition. Within this tradition, a key figure was the File (pronounced "fill-ah"), who served as both a poet and a philosopher. The role of the File was highly esteemed in Celtic culture, reflecting the importance placed on the arts, storytelling, and intellectual pursuits.

The file often collaborated with the Bard, who was responsible for providing musical accompaniment. Together, they formed a dynamic duo, with the File contributing poetic and philosophical insights while the Bard enhanced the experience with melodic and rhythmic elements. 

The respect accorded to the File and the Bard underlines the significance of artistic expression and intellectual discourse in Celtic society. Their partnership was integral to the dissemination of cultural knowledge, as their combined efforts created a captivating and memorable means of passing down history, traditions, and wisdom.Their collaborative efforts not only entertained but also served as a vital mechanism for preserving the cultural heritage of the Celts, ensuring that it would endure through the generations despite the absence of a written tradition.

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