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Queen Maedhbh

Queen Maedhbh

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Celtic Ireland was organized into five provinces made up of approximately one hundred and fifty small kingdoms, or Tuatha. Each province was governed by its own king and ruling family, contributing to a decentralized system of governance. At the pinnacle of this structure was the High King, who held authority over all the provinces.

One notable figure in this intricate political tapestry was Queen Maedhbh, who epitomised the archetype of a warrior queen. Her realm of influence extended over Connacht in the west of Ireland. As a powerful and assertive leader, Queen Maedhbh played a crucial role in shaping the political landscape of her time, contributing to the rich tapestry of Celtic history. She features prominently in the story of the Brown Bull of Cooley, known in Gaelic as an Táin Bó Cuailnge.

Queen Maedhbh's position as a warrior queen exemplifies the diverse and influential roles that women could occupy in Celtic society, challenging conventional notions of gender roles in leadership and governance.

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